Welcome to my page! You have seen me above. I am a BCI Researcher as well as a freelance Data Scientist and Business Analyst with a passion for unraveling information hidden in all types of data. Starting of as a Master of Science in physics, I joined two consultancy firms, working on risk management in the finanancial services and as a management consultant with analytics focus. After 5 years in business, I decided to once again go back to university and pursue a PhD in brain computer interfacing. Here follows an overview of where I have been and what I have done:
  • Assistant Manager @
    • Financial Risk Management
    • Risk IT / Infrastructure
    • Data Reconciliation
    • Derivatives Pricing
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    3.5 years
  • Analytics Consultant @
    • Due Dilligence
    • Dashboard development and containerization
    • Outside-in analysis with extensive web scraping
    • Time series forecasting for procurement
    • Cartel damage evaluation to prepare a litigation case
    1.5 years
  • BCI Researcher @
    Brain-State-Decoding Lab
    • EEG and DBS experiments
    • Closed-loop BCI for adaptive DBS
    • Machine Learning for decoding multi-channel EEG
    • Platform design for closed-loop experiments
    2 years